All Ratanakiri Tours

Ratanakiri Province is known for its biodiversity and Highland Khmer Loeu hill tribes; some of whom have little contact with the rest of the world and still maintain many of their own traditions, including language and ways of interpreting life, the universe and everything. The undulating hills and mountains, plateaus, watershed lowlands, clear crater lakes, rivers, extinct volcanoes and beautiful waterfalls make an impressive itinerary of intriguing destinations for ecotourism. From Jungle Treks, to Wildlife Viewing ( Elephants, Monkeys, Gaur, countless Birds), to Virachey National Park, searching for Gemstones, panning for Gold, or Building a Bamboo Raft to float downriver there is much here for the adventurous explorer.

The huge Virachey National Park offers exciting treks and many waterfalls. Here, people like to begin their day with a cup of the famous Ratanakiri coffee.